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How Sync-NAVApp saved the discrepancies in the field in Business Central Extension Vs. Base App


While Business Central upgrades from Version 14 to Version 15, there are few deprecation and additions done by Microsoft to the Base Application.
These deprecation are good in terms of getting better systems as it upgrades.
The drawbacks of Deprecation is that your App needs to be upgraded as well as it use BaseApp as reference.
Additionally, additions done are good but when you Extension App clashes with Upgraded Base App.
Let us discuss.


  • Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
  • Understanding of Business Central PowerShell Module.

Books & References:

While I was creating Extension App, I had added a field in Table Extension of BaseApp Tables when Business Central was on Version 13.

Everything was fine until Microsoft decided to add field with the same name in Version 15.

This means that my Extension App upgraded flawlessly from Business Central Version 13  to Business Central Version 14 without any human intervention but I'm stuck while upgrading to version 15.

Now, I couldn't Obsolete the field which was conflicting in my extension giving error as below.
Obsolete Field
I was able to Delete the field and Force-Sync my changes to Sandbox as well as a On- Premise Environment but this was not the case with Online Production.
Error while deploying of project after field is deleted

This hasle could simply avoided if I had a Prefix or  Suffix added to my field name 
For example : OR_PhoneNo.

My only mistake was that I was trying to replicate what Microsoft followed trying to give my Extension App a level of sophistication.

I think what we need to add Prefix property in Extension Manifest just as Dynamics 365 Sales has in its Solutions which applies to Object Names, Field Names, Page Field etc

Secondly, the Table Objects are created in Business Central through Extension App are stored in Database as a table with name CompanyName_ObjectName_NAVAppId and details of all the objects that are present in Extension App is stored in table NAVApp

Extension Tables in SQL Database

Business Central Extension Data stored in Database
You can also resolve this using Sync-NAVApp PowerShell command.
Syntax: Sync-NAVApp -Name <ProjeectName> -Tenant <TenantName> -Mode ForceSync -Force

Microsoft Product Group used Sync-NAVApp PowerShell Script on Business Central Production App Service.

On further discussion, I noticed that Microsoft is planning to make these infrastructure features as a part of Admin Center. Good News right? :)

Lastly, special thanks to all the support team and PG Team in helping me have a quick resolution and they have been the most supportive in brainstorming ideas with me.


The only reason I wrote to this blog is to save your time figuring out this issue with Microsoft Support.
Although this was the first time such an issue was raised to Microsoft and they took it on their utmost priority.


  1. Hello Olister,

    I have the exact same problem on my extension for the 15 to 16 upgrade with another field. If I understood correctly, the Sync-NAVApp command is not available in SaaS mode because we do not have access to the SQL database and therefore we can only solve this problem by contacting Microsoft support directly. Is that correct ?

  2. Yes that is correct. I had managed to get this done from Microsoft Support as well.


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