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How Sync-NAVApp saved the discrepancies in the field in Business Central Extension Vs. Base App

Introduction: While Business Central upgrades from Version 14 to Version 15, there are few deprecation and additions done by Microsoft to the Base Application. These deprecation are good in terms of getting better systems as it upgrades. The drawbacks of Deprecation is that your App needs to be upgraded as well as it use BaseApp as reference. Additionally, additions done are good but when you Extension App clashes with Upgraded Base App. Let us discuss. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Understanding of Business Central PowerShell Module. Books & References: Demonstration: While I was creating Extension App, I had added a field in Table Extension of BaseApp Tables when Business Central was on Version 13. Everything was fi

Top 6 Mainly used Features of Fixed Assets

Introduction: In this series of Fixed Assets aka FA, I will be teaching you through a lifecycle of the Fixed Assets. How to create and acquire these fixed assets, how to appreciate or depreciate the FA, and how to post transactions on Fixed Assets in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central(ERP) Understanding of Fixed Assets Demonstration: 1. Creation of Fixed Assets: To create Fixed Assets search Fixed Assets and open the Fixed Asset List. Click on New (+), automatically FA No. is set up from No Series. Enter the FA Name, FA Class Type, FA Subclass Type, FA Location if you have multiple FA Locations. Creation of Fixed Asset Setup the FA Depreciation Book, by default we have COMPANY. Also set up the Depreciation Start Date and End Date or Start Date and No. of Years. Book value is the current value of the Fixed Assets. This value increases or decreases depending on your Appreciation or Depreciation of FA. 2. Ac

Generate Hash Value and Integrate Form Data Third-Party System using API Object.

Problem Statement: Every document that goes out or comes into Business Central requires some kinda validation to check its originality which confirms the confidentiality of the document. Introduction: This blog is a two-step process in which I will be explaining how things work and how to write a code for this. This blog also is an update on Hannes Holst Blog( ) and you don't need to access any  .NET variable. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central VS Code AL Language Understanding of how data is transferred using API Books & References: