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Announcement: Microsoft Dynamics Accountants Hub is retiring and will be upgraded to Business Central Extension!!

Announcement: Microsoft Dynamics Accountants Hub is retiring and will be upgraded to Business Central Extension!!

Yesterday I received an email from the Microsoft Accountant Hub's Team. An email has been sent to me because one of my Tenant had an active Accountant's Hub Subscription with Business Central. Moreover, the Accountant's Hub was under public preview for countries such as  US, Canada, UK and Denmark for approximately a year. New sign-ups to Accountant's Hub has been disabled as on July 1st 2020 and will be retiring as Accountant's Hub through Dynamics Home.

A new extension will be released in Business Central to handle the Accountants Hub's functionality as on October 1st 2020 i.e Microsoft Dynamics 365 Wave 2 2020 Release.

Existing Users of the Accountant's Hub will have the access to their Accountant's Hub Tenant till October 1st 2020. Microsoft has not provided any details regarding migrating users from Accountant's Hub to the Business Centra…

Microsoft Dynamics - Business Central 16.3 is out!!

Update 16.3 for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central 2020 Wave 1 (Application Build 16.3.14238, Platform Build 16.3.14195) is out!!

To Upgrade  you Business Central, please visit
Source: For the list of updates released for Business Central 16.2 visit
Key Features / Hotfixes / Updates
Platform Hotfixes IDTitle353587The application programming interfaces (APIs) that use another API as sub-entity make API Service unavailable (HTTP 500).360090Columns get misaligned and the list is scrolled when you press the TAB key.359296HttpClient HEAD calls are blocked even if the real size of the content is very small because NavHttpClientMaxResponseContentSize checks content-length parameter for this Call method.361386The return code …

MSDYN365BC - Why Dockers are important?

Hi Readers,

Hope you all are doing good.

I have been busy with recording some videos about Business Central and Docker.

I this article I would like to talk about Importance of Docker with Dynamics NAV / Business Central as developer.

Docker Playlist.

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Webinar - Upgrade Path from NAV/BC to BC(SaaS)

Webinar - Upgrade Path from Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central to Microsoft Dynamics Business Central (SaaS)
Presenters:Saurav DhyaniJon LongLuc Van Vugt
Presentation & Recordings: Slide Deck:!237947&ithint=file%2cpptx&authkey=!ABOqcXskBrgXz80
1. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central - Lifecycle Policy: With C/AL Access removed in BC v15 it becomes difficult to migrate from NAV to BC. But here is a screenshot saying the NAV can be migrated to BC v14 using C/AL and this option is available till 2023 viz. 48  months. This to ensure that all the customers upgrade from NAV to BC along with their ISV Customizations.
For all the above 14 versions of Business Central, the support is available briefly for 18months. This implies that whichever version of NAV you or your customers are using, you got the small window to Upgrade from NAV to BC v14 using C/AL. Use the…