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Suggest Vendor Payments feature in Payment Journal - Business Central

Introduction: In this blog, I will be attempting to highlight on Suggest Vendor Payment functionality in Payment Journals.
Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Demonstration:Last Payment Date: This date is the latest date which can be appeared on Vendor Ledger Entries for making the Payment. Entries that have Due Date or Discount Date before the Last Payment Date will be included in Suggest functionality.

Find Payment Discounts: Find all the Payments which will have discounts. If this field is TRUE then Suggest Vendor Payment functionality will include Payments with Discounts as well as Payments without Discounts.
Use Vendor Priority: While making payments, if you want to prepare the entries priority wise, then you will need to set the priority of Vendor under the Payments section.

By default, the priority is set to 0.
If Vendor priority is not set which means that the Vendor Payments are to be processed in Alphabetically FCFS fashion.

Available Amount…