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How Business Central Modern Client Reverse Compatibility With NAV Can Help You Improve Your Work.

Introduction: Today, I was playing around with Business Central Modern Client (Windows App).
Out of curiosity I was trying to login to one of my NAV 2017 through SSO.
Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics NAV with SSO configured
Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
Demonstration: 1. Business Central App - Main Page:

Clicking on locally hosted service and putting in the credentials configured for NAV 2017 SSO, we get.
Still skeptical when Business Central login into NAV.

2. Business Central App - Reverse compatible with NAV 2017:

Well well well...
Look whose here.
NAV disguised as  Dynamics 365 for Financials.

I think we all agree that Business Central Modern Client is a WebApp version of Busines Central Online. Basically just like browser in an App.
The difference is that it can connect to NAV as it is just like a browser.

3. Does Business Central Modern Client follow DynamicsNAV protocol?:
Well, it simply does not.
It would be amazing  if it did, as it would mean that we could deal with runni…

How to sync your Contacts to Business Central using Microsoft Flow

Introduction: Contacts are important part of our network for our day to day communication.
Although even if we need it everyday, there is also a need for them to be integrated directly into Business Central.
Well, it started from a community question and seems like Microsoft Flow is the fastest and the easiest method to resolve this issue.
Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
Microsoft Flow.
References: Microsoft Flow's standard 'Daily copy all Outlook contacts to Google Contacts' Flow.
Solution:1. Creation of Web Services for Contact:
Goto Webservices > New > Fill the Type as Page and ID as 5050. > Give the Webservice Name > Publish.

2. Creation of Microsoft Flow to move you E-mail contacts to Business Central:
Using the 'Daily copy all Outlook contacts to Google Contacts' flow, you can modify the flow to integrate Contacts into Business Central.
Adding HTTP with POST method will allow you to Insert a Record into Business Central.You can set t…

MyAnalytics in Office 365 - First Impression

Introduction: For around 6 - 7 months, I hadn't open Somehow today, I had to open and I found many apps were lying in my apps section Out of curiosity I opened MyAnalytics and I was stunned with what the app has to offer.

Let's find out more.
Pre-requisites: Microsoft Office 365
Demonstration: Navigating to

After opening the MyAnalytics App, you are presented with a Dashboard full of analytics with features tracking your Focus Time, Wellbeing, Network and Collaboration.

When you click on Explore link on the tiles you see a detailed view as follows.

1. Focus: Focus counts the time you generally get to do your work apart from meetings.

You can click on View Suggestions to get suggestions to optimize your focus time and planning your schedule.

2. Wellbeing:
Wellbeing concentrates on the time that you spend apart from your working hours. It tracks how often you work beyond your work time.
 Wellbeing also tracks how many days you h…

What happens when you have multiple Production Tenant in Business Central

Introduction: In this blog, how multiple Production Environment work.
Prerequisites: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
Yammer subscription( to refer the yammer links )
Books & References:
Demonstration / Solution:1. Creation of multiple Production Tenant and Login:

When you Login in, the system asks you to select the environment to login

If you use the<PRODUCTION ENVIRONMENT NAME> , it directly takes you to the respective environment.

2. How licensing works for multiple Production Tenant.:
As per Licensing for October 2019 which states that only One Production Tenant is available.

After a conversation back and forth it was clarified that the licensing will be actually update by April 2020 Wave 1 Release


Taking a level further as per discussion with, we (at Cloudfronts) have e…

Changes to Business Central Admin Center in 2019 Wave 2 Release

Introduction: In this blog, I plan to cover the changes in Business Central Admin Center in 2019 Wave 2 Release.
Prerequisites: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Demonstration:Changes in Business Central Admin Center are as follows

1. Changes in Action Button and addition of Refresh Button in Environments section:

2. Addition of Action Buttons Environment Card (Details) Page:
New Additions in Action are Report Production Outage and Manage Support Contact

You can create a Support Ticket for the Tenant, Report Outages in Production and also Delete the Production as multiple Production Environments are supported.

3. Creation of New Environment:

Creation of New Environment either multiple Production and Sandbox.Can select appropriate Country Region for the Environment.Can even select version including version 15.03650.0 for Production and above versions such as 15.0.36135.0 (Preview) for Sandbox

4. Report Production Outage (Only in Production):

5. Manage Support Contact:
Manage Support Contact …

Performing Bank Account Reconciliation in D365 Business Central

Introduction: In Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Bank Account Reconciliation is relatively easier task.
You can make use of Suggest Vendor Payments or make use of Bank Reconciliation Statement file from the Bank to verify payments.
Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central
Demonstration:1. Creation of Bank Account Reconciliation: Click on New > Select the Bank to create the Bank Account Reconciliation Card

2. Bank Account Reconciliation using Suggest Lines:
Select Process > Suggest Lines > Fill in the required details to filter suggestions

Note: When you use Suggest Lines, the lines are suggested from Bank Account Ledger Entries.
Thus Bank Account Ledger Entries and Payment Journal is reconciled

3. Bank Account Reconciliation using Bank Reconciliation Statement File:

4. Reconciling / Matching:
i. Filtering the NonMatched using Show Nonmatched:

ii. Filtering to ShowAll Transactions:

iii. Automatically Matching Transactions: When you automatically matching the transactions,…

Inventory Posting Group and Inventory Posting Setup in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

In this blog we will be discussing about Inventory Posting Group and Inventory Posting Setup.
Also we will see an example of how things work when it comes to using Inventory Posting Group and Inventory Posting Setup. Prerequisites: Microsoft Dynamics NAV / Business Central 

Definitions / Theory:Inventory Posting Group is used to specify the type of Inventory or group the item. Inventory Posting Setup is used to combine Inventory Posting group with location codes. Each combination is then mapped to the Inventory G/L Accounts, WIP  G/L Account, and other variance of accounts relating to inventory in the Chart of  Accounts.

Demonstration: Steps: Setting up Inventory Posting Group 1. In search option, enter Inventory Posting Group and then choose related link. 2. Select New.
3.In the Code field, type a unique identifier. 4.In the Description Field, type description of Inventory Posting Group.

Steps: Setting up Inventory Posting Setup1. In search option, enter Inventory Posting Setup an…