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General Journal Views in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Introduction: Recently In Business Central, I have observed the format for General Journals where the unnecessary fields are hidden inorder to avoid confusion. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Demonstration: There are 2 Views of General Journal in Business Central. 1. Limited field view: Limited Column View 2. All field view: Full Column View 3. Switching to Limited Field View: Switching to Limited Field View 4. Switching to All Field View: Conclusion: Thus, this limited view from all field view is helpful to avoid confusion during data entering but it has drawback. If you are entering Account No. as G/L Account and want to switch the Customer as Account Type, there is no way of doing it from Limited field view.This is because in General Journal functionality, Business Central automatically selects the Account Type from previous entry causing this drawback.

How to Run Reports when report processing takes long to cause Session Time-out.

Introduction: I've observed that when NAV is used for a very long time, the report which needs heavy processing takes long enough to cause Session Time-out. So, fetching reports becomes tedious by manually querying the table. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Microsoft Dynamics Business Central Solution: The solution is simple, export the Report as an Excel or PDF depending on the data and send Email to the User as an attachment after the processing is complete. Code: 1. Create the Report in Excel Using Excel Buffer. 2. Export the Excel Buffer contents to an XLSX file. 3. Email the Exported Files to appropriate User. In this case, I have hard coded the user email to my email. Output: Exporting Progress of Excel Worksheet Exported Intermediate file to be emailed Email received after the report is completely exported. Conclusion: Thus adding a piece of code to send email to the User, can save a lot of hassle. In Business Central, howeve

How to use RSS Feeds - MS Flow - Microsoft Dynamics Business Central to get your blogs synchronized in Business Central

Introduction: Today, as I was thinking about tracking blogs posted on to my blog post. There is a system in our company to check with the blogs submitted by a person by exporting MySQL database and then importing into PowerBI to generate the reports. Recently, I got my blog published on dynamics community and it uses RSS Feeds to syndicate blogs from different websites. So, this blog is about an experiment can I use the combination of both in Business Central and MS Flow to track the blogs posted on a Website/Blogspot. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Flow Microsoft Dynamics Business Central / NAV VS Code AL Language Extension Solution: Creation of Flow: In Microsoft Flow there is a default template for RSS Feeds, change the RSS Feed URL to your own Blog RSS Feeds URL. Also, add Email to Gmail with appropriate data from RSS feeds. Adding your RSS Feed URL Flow to send Email when a blog is published You will need to publish a blog with relevant fields as you want. Em