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SignUp for Office 365 without adding Payment Method.

Introduction:  A few days back I was setting up an Office 365 trial for one of my clients. Turns out that recently Microsoft introduced Office trial signup with Credit Card. You cannot directly signup for a trial without Credit Card as confirmed by the post below from Microsoft Community. Pre-requisites:  Basic Understanding of the Office 365 Signup process. Books & References:  Link References Microsoft Community Office 365 E3 Trial Demonstration: 1. Sign up for  Office 365 E3 Trial : Once you have visited the Link, click and fill in your details for the signup. In the signup process, provide your email address. Click on Set up Account Fill in the Sign-Up Details Verify the Sign-Up details Create your Username and Password for Office 365 Tenant At this point, Office 365 account is created and will ask you to put your Payment Method as Credit Card even to Signup. Hence, I was stuck here and I wanted to find an alternative. 2. Login to : Once you login to, in t

UPDATE: Business Central Tile in Microsoft 365 will be removed!

UPDATE: Business Central Sandbox Tile in Microsoft 365 will be removed! When I logged into Business Central, it occasionally shows me the warning that the Business Central Tile will be removed from Microsoft 365 Apps Tile as follows.  Before the change, there was separate tile for Business Central Sandbox and Business Central Production. After the change, there will be single tile for Business Central Sandbox and Business Central Production. Please note that this feature will be in effect from April 2022 and will be in General availability in June 2022. For more details, refer the Business Central Documentation link below.

Update to generating App Password in Office 365 / Microsoft 365

Introduction: In my previous blog on setting up the App Password for Outlook after enabling Multi-Factor Authentication, refer to How to bypass Multi-Factor Authentication This blog is an update on the changes made to the process creation of App Password and is relatively easier to follow. I faced an issue where the ' View Privacy Link ' button was missing in Settings & Privacy > Privacy View Privacy Link Missing - Office 365 / Microsoft 365   Pre- requisites : Microsoft 365 (a.k.a Office 365) Demonstration: In, go to the Users icon on the top right and select ' View Account' View Account Head over to the ' Security Info ' navigation on the left side and click on ' Add Method Adding Method in Security Info You need to select the Method as ' App Password ', provide the ' App Name ' and copy the password generated for further use Adding a Method Adding AppName Copying App Password I tested the copied password in SMTP Ma

Exploring Microsoft Forms

Introduction: In this blog, I will be attempting to explore Microsoft Forms completely. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Office 365 Microsoft Forms Demonstration: 1. Navigating to Microsoft Forms Pro: Go to and click on Forms in the Listed Apps 2. Template: List of Templates to Create a Form Templates are a ready-made format for the forms. You can make additions or deletions as per your requirement. 3. Creation of New Form: Creation of Forms includes making a form with the respective title, description, theme, and a logo. Create a Form Adding questions to Microsoft Forms: Adding questions can be of different types. It can also include all the validations, making questions mandatory and set-up a subtitle for the question in case more information is needed on it. Also, each question can have an image to convey the overall gist of the question. Adding Rating based questions Adding Choice-based questions Adding Text-base

MyAnalytics in Office 365 - First Impression

Introduction: For around 6 - 7 months, I hadn't open . Somehow today, I had to open and I found many apps were lying in my apps section Out of curiosity I opened MyAnalytics and I was stunned with what the app has to offer. Let's find out more. Pre-requisites: Microsoft Office 365 Demonstration: Navigating to MyAnalytics inside Office 365 Apps After opening the MyAnalytics App, you are presented with a Dashboard full of analytics with features tracking your Focus Time, Wellbeing, Network and Collaboration. MyAnalytics Dashboard When you click on Explore link on the tiles you see a detailed view as follows. 1. Focus: Focus counts the time you generally get to do your work apart from meetings. Detailed View - Focus You can click on View Suggestions to get suggestions to optimize your focus time and planning your schedule. Detailed View - Focus - Suggestions  2. Wellbeing: Wellbeing